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Yes, you can access the configurator using Facebook. This is the simplest and fastest way. ou don’t have to worry about inserting your name, your e-mail or a password. Once you have clicked on “Access via Facebook”, you will be informed as to which personal details Facebook will communicate to MyRing.

We will not publish anything on your profile.

To customise your jewellery, whether a bracelet or a ring, you have to use our configurator inside our website. Click on CREATE JEWELLERY and follow the instructions. In addition to these, we have included some video tutorials to help you get the most from the configurator.

Should you not wish to use the configurator, because you are unfamiliar with using PC or Mac – you can CONTACT US and ask us for what you want. We will be happy to help you just the same!

Yes, registration is free and necessary to allow us to give you the best assistance, from creating your jewellery, to helping with measurements and particularly in the phase of revision of your jewellery carried out by our staff.

Inside the configurator, as you choose from the various options available for creating your jewellery (band dimension, finish, precious stones etc.) the price will automatically be updated. Here is a table showing the costs.


Of course! Once you have chosen the type of jewellery whether ring or bracelet, dimensions of the band, type of engraving and finish, you can insert as many symbols or words as you like. You can choose from thousands of symbols, divided by category. They are all included in the price.

Currently it is not possible to insert coloured enamels in the configurator – the process requires a laborious intervention while constructing the jewellery. Should you wish to apply one or more enamels to your jewellery: save it in your personal area and, before purchasing, contact us through the message area.

Yes, you can. If there are any problems, we will contact you before starting to construct your jewellery and suggest alternative solutions until you are completely satisfied.

Yes, you can insert any image you like: the face of a person, the head or the silhouette of your pet, or a personal symbol or text designed by you – there are no limits! Our staff will take care of preparing it in such a way that it can be engraved on the jewellery. Naturally, we will suggest alternatives until you are completely satisfied.

Let’s take an example: you have just taken a photo of your lovely dog and would like to engrave it on your ring.

Place your creation on your ring – let’s imagine it has a large band, low-relief engraved and with a burnished silver finish. Upload the image.

You only want to engrave the head of your dog, so you should resize the image until the required part fits into the area of the ring.

Go ahead and save your creation.

Once you have saved your creation and made the payment, our staff will contact you through the message area and show you the revision of your ring before proceeding to construct it.

f you accept our revision, you will be able to receive the finished ring engraved with the image you inserted.


Photos cannot be inserted on: Rings with small band dimension & Bracelets with small and medium band dimension

Once the jewellery is configured, size is chosen and the payment is made: we will contact you through the message area.

We will take into consideration the size of your ring or bracelet and, depending on this, we will send you a revision of the jewellery. We will align with extreme precision the symbols and words you have inserted and check whether your configuration is OK to go ahead with construction. Considering the size of band you have chosen, should it be necessary, we will suggest a revision in order to make your jewellery more ‘readable’ and more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Below we show you an example, assuming that you have chosen:

  • Jewel: BRACELET
  • Dimension of band: LARGE
  • Engraving: RELIEF

In addition, we will assume that (as more than often happens) you haven’t worried about making the configuration precise:

We will work to revise your configuration, considering the overall length of your bracelet and the correct alignment of text and symbols:

In this way the design will be optimised, so as to adapt perfectly to the surface area of your jewellery.
This will be the end result.


Yes, you can. You can visualise your jewellery in 3D. This visualisation of the jewellery is obviously just an example and is not exhaustive. The text inserted, the symbols and the stones are not visualised extruded, in high or low relief, as this would really slow down uploading.

We want this 3D experience to be easy for you. To understand how the jewellery will be constructed you can enlarge the image that appears under the heading “Finish”.

Sorry, no. The reason is simple – the size of a Smartphone does not allow you to get the best from the configurator experience. Configuring jewellery is a fun operation, but it is still of great significance. To our mind, we feel it is important to visualise and have all the available tools entirely on one single screen. Using the same details to access as you gave when you registered to use all the other functions.

You can use your Smartphone to carry out all the other operations:

  • Modifying your personal details
  • Visualising previously saved configurations
  • Choosing the size of the jewellery
  • Sending and receiving messages with text and images
  • Visualising and sharing your wish list
  • Visualising orders and invoices received
  • Making a purchase

The configured ring you have saved will remain visible in this section of your personal profile. In ‘jewellery saved’ you can:

  • Visualise the details of your jewellery: image of your creation, the dimensions of the band, the type of engraving and the finish, as well as the price and the options of internal engraving and gift wrapping.
  • Delete the jewellery: If the creation is not acceptable to you, you can delete it.
  • Choose your size: The instructions for doing this are found in our printable guide: CLICK HERE
  • Insert your creation in the wish list: In this list you can keep the creations you like best.
  • Add your creation to the shopping cart: In this way you can follow all the steps for making the payment.

The message area enables you to receive the images of revisions of your configuration. It is also a great tool for communicating with our Staff.

The wish lists contain the creations you prefer. You can decide to keep them private or share them and make them public. Why make them public?

On Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or by sending an e-mail, you can share your creations with your contacts, enabling them to give you a present! Those who receive this invitation and purchase your creation for you will not learn your personal details, apart from your first name and surname. You will receive an e-mail with an image of the creation from the person who has chosen to make you a present of the jewellery.

In this section you will find the orders made, with full details. In addition, you can download the invoices issued.


  • In the shopping cart you will find one or more products you want to buy, and you can see the image of your creation, product code, price, chosen size and quantity.


  • At the checkout, you can enter the invoicing details (if you have not previously entered them in your personal profile) that will coincide with the data that will enable us to send you the jewellery. Then, before you can make the payment you must accept our terms and conditions of sale.

    To take the measurement of your finger we recommend you print out our guide: CLICK HERE - the method is very simple.
    We have created a video tutorial: CLICK HERE. hould you require assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your complete disposal.

    To take the measurement of your wrist we recommend you print out our guide: CLICK HERE - the method is very simple.
    We have created a video tutorial: CLICK HERE. hould you require assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your complete disposal.

    Before proceeding with the order for your customised ring or bracelet you must clearly understand the necessary finger or wrist size of the person who is to wear the jewellery. However, if the measurement requested should not fit (slightly too loose or too tight) when it is tried on, any jeweller or goldsmith can solve the issue. This operation is neither difficult nor expensive.

    The cost of shipment via express courier is €5,00 for the first order.
    For all subsequent orders the cost of shipment via express courier is free.

    For orders from all the rest of Europe the cost of shipment via express courier is free.

    From the acceptance of our revision it will take 5/7 working days to construct your jewellery and 2 to 3 working days for shipment.
    The insertion of stones requires 1 to 2 additional working days

    From the acceptance of our revision it will take 5/7 working days to construct your jewellery and 4 to 5 working days for shipment.
    The insertion of stones requires 1 to 2 additional working days.

    Since these are customised items, so made at the explicit request of the customer, the goods cannot be returned except in the event of manufacturing defects or in the case of inconsistencies or errors compared with the revision previously accepted by the customer.

    The order can only be cancelled before confirmation of the revision; n this case, the full amount paid by the customer will be reimbursed, with the exception of €10.00 (VAT included) as a contribution for the execution of the revision without completed image. Should an image already have been sent to you, a further contribution of €38.00 (VAT included) will be required. Once work has been started, the order can no longer be cancelled.

    Payment may be made using Paypal, Bank Transfer or Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Aura, American Express, Discover)


    General Information

    Our customisable jewellery is crafted using silver 925/000 and gold 750/000. Some models, on request, are treated with professional galvanic processes (rhodium or palladium plating) that give them shine and different colours. In compliance with European regulations, all our finishes are nickel-free and therefore safe and anti-allergic. Nonetheless, because these are surface finishes, time and wear may cause slight alterations to the colour. We therefore recommend they be treated, as far as possible, with care and that you ensure they are kept in optimum condition for a long time.

    Information on silver

    like all metals, silver, too, is subject to processes of corrosion that often alter its colour and sheen. With time, moreover, it is possible to notice the appearance of dark spots that in some cases, in a completely harmless way, may also deposit themselves on the skin. This is the classic blackening of silver, due to the formation of a thin layer of sulphur which is generated by the combined action of oxygen with aggressive agents such as sulphur and chlorine, present in the atmosphere. This explains why, although a noble metal, the silver of your jewellery tends to darken as time goes by.

    Burnished silver

    At the time of purchase some of our jewellery already has a slight darkening on its surfaces ("burnished" silver). This is not to be considered a defect, but a desired effect that gives the jewellery the classic antique look, obtained through a process of oxidation of the silver.

    Cleaning and caring for silver jewellery

    Here are some tips to keep your MyRing silver jewellery unaltered for as long as possible:

    • Avoid contact with creams, perfumes, detergents and abrasive substances;
    • Whenever you are not wearing it, put it away in a jewellery box or soft cloth;
    • Avoid wearing it in particularly damp environments such as swimming pools, saunas and above all spas;
    • To wash it, use only neutral soaps dissolved in hot water. For jewellery without burnishing only, we recommend the use of specific silver cleaners;
    • Dry it with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the shiny surfaces;
    • Some substances commonly found in our homes (baking soda, solvents, etc.) can alter or eliminate the "burnishing", that is, the darker parts of some of our jewellery. In this event, it is advisable to contact a professional goldsmith’s workshop that will be able to restore the original features (polishing, galvanizing, burnishing, etc.)

    Our jewellery is made in 925 silver and is hand-crafted. Any maintenance work such as polishing, welding and galvanic treatments is always possible at any jewellery workshop. However, MyRing rremains at your disposal to carry out any kind of work in order to restore your jewellery in the best possible way following signs of wear (scratches, bends, dents, loose stones, measurement variations, etc.)

    All MyRing jewellery has its own distinctive packaging comprising a box, certificate of authenticity and carrier bag.


    Of course. The image shows the type of packaging, closed with ribbon and stickers. Contact us if you decide to send a gift to somebody. In this case, on your explicit request, in addition to the gift wrapping, we could arrange to write his or her name on the certificate of authenticity. The service offered is free.


    All MyRing jewellery is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity on which we can write the name of the person who will receive the jewellery, in the case of a gift.

    If you have registered: ou can contact us through your personal area, in the MESSAGE section.
    If you haven’t registered: you can contact us via the CONTACTS section.