General terms and conditions of the MyRing online sales contract

1. General premise

The services mentioned in these pages are offered by Centro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l., with registered office in Pistoia – Viale Adua n. 223, P. IVA 01771010475, registration number in the Register of Companies of the Chamber of Commerce of Pistoia: REA PT178139, existing and active according to Italian legislation.
The terms and conditions of use indicated in this document govern the use of the Services offered by the Centro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l.. (as identified above) through the “” website [from now on simply MyRing].
The online User-purchaser [from now on simply User] will be able to access the services only upon registration to the website, by completing the registration form and accepting the general terms and conditions of the contract, hereinafter reported in full, as well as the privacy policy.
The terms and conditions of use indicated in this document regulate the sale of jewels offered on the website, which the User must accept before making a purchase.
Acceptance of the general terms and conditions of the contract and of the privacy policy are the necessary and indispensable prerequisites for access to the use of MyRing and the related services offered.
By accepting the “General terms and conditions of contract” the User declares to have read, understood and accepted the same, as well as having read and understood the scope of the privacy policy.
The declaration of having read and accepted the “General terms and conditions of contract” implies the obligation for the User to fully comply with the obligations and any clause below, in addition to the privacy policy.
Centro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l. through operates in compliance with the industrial and intellectual property rights of authors and creators, and the same is required of its users; Therefore, MyRing reserves the right to deactivate and / or suspend without notice the account of each User who is deemed to have infringed third party intellectual and / or industrial property rights.
The general conditions of sale apply to the sale of online products exclusively in relation to purchases made on the website in accordance with the provisions of Part III, Title III, Chapter I of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree No. 206/05, as amended by Legislative Decree No. 21/14).
Before accessing the services and products provided by the website, the User is required to read the “General terms and conditions of contract”, which are generally understood and unequivocally accepted when the account is created.
The User will take care to print and keep a copy of the purchase form of the “General Terms and Conditions of Contract”.

2. Object

The Online General Conditions of Sale, hereinafter referred to as on-line CGV, regulate the offer, transmission and acceptance of purchase orders for products exclusively under the MyRing brand name and do not, however, regulate the supply of services or sale of products with different brands.

3. Registration and responsibility of the User

When registering for MyRing services, the User must proceed with the creation of his own Account and Profile; to this end he must follow the instructions on the form and must provide his personal data requested in a correct and truthful manner.
Centro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l. does not carry out and has no obligation to carry out any verification activity on the Data and information provided and on the actual compliance with the truth of what the User declares when registering and using the Service.
By clicking on the “register” button, the User declares under his own responsibility that all the data released during registration of the Account are true and correct, and exonerates the Goldsmith Centro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l. from any responsibility for the data supplied to it.
Upon registration, the User must be of age, issuing a special declaration to that effect, and undertakes and undertakes:
– not to create more than one personal account
– not to provide false personal data
– not to create an Account on behalf of another person
– to make sure that their data are always up to date, and to commit themselves to updating them immediately in case of changes
– to indicate your name and surname, to enter any photo, in case the registration is made through facebook, otherwise you can take a picture from or the default MyRing that are not offensive, that do not contain phrases , words or combinations of letters and numbers that can be considered offensive, detrimental to good customs, public order or otherwise discriminating or in violation of the laws in force
– to maintain the secrecy of your access data, not to deliver and not to communicate your password to others, and not to allow third parties to access your account
– not to create more than one personal account
– to always act in compliance with the laws and regulations in force, as well as with what is established and foreseen in this document.
Failure by the User to respect one or more of the above obligations will result for Centro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l. the right to cancel the account.
The User has the right at any time to cancel his / her account and personal profile; to this end, simply click on the red button with the word: “Delete profile” in the section called “your profile”.
Your profile will be permanently deleted and will therefore no longer be available on MyRing.
The cancellation procedure will be completed and will have immediate effect.
The User’s personal data will be kept for the time necessary to comply with the provisions of current regulations.

4. MyRing – Products offered and responsibility of the User

Centro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l., through MyRing, allows its Users to create, through a wizard, personalized jewelry.
To use the services offered byCentro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l. the “General terms and conditions of contract” and the privacy policy must first be accepted.
The User can create the jewel inserting on the same photographs, images and / or own drawings that portray people, things, animals, etc., of which the User declares to have the availability, assuming the exclusive responsibility.
Such photographs, images, drawings, sent for the realization of the personalized jewel, will be used by MyRing exclusively for the creation of the jewels ordered.
The User must declare that the model, subject or file supplied to MyRing is not already used by third-party companies and has been lawfully acquired and used by the User.
With regard to the origin, paternity and rights of use of the same model, subject or file including modification, re-processing, transformation by MyRing, the User assumes all responsibility, relievingCentro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l. from any risk and any claim by third parties.
It is specified that the use of the configurator for the creation of your personalized jewelry is free and the User, until the purchase, can create images of their jewel and save them.

5. Conclusion of the contract

The User, in order to complete the purchase of a product, must fill in the appropriate form in electronic format, which contains:
the images of each creation ordered and previously saved in your personal area, with the relative price;
– the User’s data;
– means of payment;
– indication of the place of dispatch.
The transmission of the order involves the reading and acceptance of the on-line CGV and the privacy policy.
The contract is concluded when MyRing has sent confirmation of the purchase of the product, and the successful payment of the order online.

6. Prices and Methods of payment

The price of each MyRing jewel will be the one resulting, from time to time, at the end of the creation procedure.
Prices are inclusive of VAT. As for shipping costs (€ 5.00) the same are not included in the first purchase price, if made in Italy, while they will be included in subsequent purchases. If the purchase will be made by another country of the European Community the price will always be inclusive of both VAT and shipping costs.
Payment can be made via:
– bank transfer o
– PayPal system, also through the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Aura, American Express, Discover.

7. Delivery and time

The delivery of the MyRing jewel will be made to the billing address indicated by the User, or to the different address that the same will have indicated when ordering.
The delivery will be by express courier, exclusively on weekdays, within the indicative deadline of seven working days (Saturday and Sunday excluded) from the approval of the final revision sent to MyRing.

8. Passage of risk

The risks of loss, loss, destruction of the jewelry ordered remain the responsibility of Centro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l. until the delivery of the same from the carrier to the User. The ownership of the jewels is considered transferred with the conclusion of the contract.

9. Warranty and commercial compliance

Centro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l. is responsible for any invoice defects in the jewelry ordered by the User on the site, including also the non-conformity of the jewel made with respect to the one ordered (art. 130 consumer code).
The guarantee is valid for a period of 24 months from the date of delivery of the jewelry; in order to enforce the guarantee, the User must present a formal complaint about the defects found within a maximum period of 2 months from the date on which the defect was discovered, in compliance with the provisions and disciplined by art. 132 co. 2 of the consumer code.
In case of non-conformity of the jewel made with respect to the one ordered, the User will have the right to obtain the restoration of the conformity of the jewel, without any additional expense, by repair or replacement according to the art.130 consumer code paragraphs 3, 4 , 5, 6, or to an adequate price reduction or termination of the contract in accordance with paragraphs 7, 8 and 9.
In the event of defects or errors attributable to Centro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l., the same will bear all the costs and expenses related to the creation of the new jewel.
It should be noted, however, that if the User intends to cancel the order, he can do so by entering the “message area” on the site, ie where he has previously consented to the processing of the jewel. In this last case, however, within and no later than 1 hour from receipt of the order. If the User has consented to the revision of the jewel, then it will be retained by Centro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l. the amount of € 10.00 as reimbursement for the revision of the graphic elements on the jewel and € 38.00 if a non-standard but personalized image has been adapted on the jewel.

10. Use of MyGift gift vouchers

MyGift gift vouchers can only be used to purchase eligible products on In these cases, the total amount of the order is deducted from the balance of the MyGift’s Certificate by entering a promotional code in the “Shopping Cart” section. If the order total is less than the value of the gift certificate purchased, the difference in expense will be refunded, subtracting taxes in case of payment with PayPal. If the order total is greater than the value of the Gift Certificate, the difference must be paid using a payment method chosen between Bank Transfer or PayPal / Credit Cards in the “Cashier” section.

– Limitations
MyGift gift vouchers and their remaining balance are valid for six months starting from the date of issue. MyGift’s certificates cannot be resold, converted into cash.

– Risk of loss
The risk of loss and the ownership of a MyGift gift certificate are transferred to the purchaser at the time of the electronic transmission of the gift voucher to the purchaser or the designated recipient or at the time of their paper delivery to the carrier, as the case may be. We decline any responsibility in case of loss, theft, destruction or unauthorized use by you of MyGift’s vouchers.

– Fraud
In the event that a gift certificate generated or obtained in a fraudulent way is used to make purchases on, we reserve the right to close customer accounts and charge the amount of orders on alternative payment methods.

– General provisions
The general terms and conditions of use and sale of apply. Gift certificates are issued by Centro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l. We reserve the right to request further information on your identity, the ownership of the gift certificate or the account on We reserve the right to change these conditions from time to time at our discretion. These conditions are applicable within the limits set by law.

11. Promotional codes

The promotional codes that MyRing bestows cannot be used more than one at a time in the usual order.

12. Data processing

The User’s data are processed in accordance with the provisions of the legislation on the protection of personal data, as specified in the appropriate section containing the information pursuant to (D.Lgs 101/2018) (Reg. EU n.679/2016 GDPR) (Privacy Policy).
As for the e-mail address that the user will provide, it will be used exclusively for a mailing-list service within the MyRing organization. The User may cancel himself at any time from said maling-list.

13. Applicable law and competent court in the event of a dispute

This contract is governed by Italian law: for all disputes that may arise between the Centro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l. and the User, concerning the execution or interpretation of the contract, will be exclusively applicable to Italian law, with the express exclusion of the International Conventions on the sale of goods; the User may act before the Court of Pistoia or before the Judicial Authorities of their place of residence or domicile, provided that they are within one of the member states of the European Union.

Protection of personal data

MyRing is the owner of the personal data collected at the time of registration on the site, as well as those subsequently communicated at the time of purchase by the User.
For information concerning the processing of personal data, including the rights referred to (D.Lgs 101/2018) (Reg. EU n.679/2016 GDPR), please refer to the detailed information already provided at the time of registration to the site and always available there.

Privacy Policy

Pursuant to (D.Lgs 101/2018) (Reg. EU n.679/2016 GDPR), personal data concerning it will be treated by Centro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l. for the implementation and execution of the contract and will not be disclosed to third parties. The data may be used to inform the activities of Centro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l.
In relation to the data provided you will be able to exercise the rights as (D.Lgs 101/2018) (Reg. EU n.679/2016 GDPR): confirmation of the existence of data, origin, purpose, update, cancellation, right of opposition. To exercise these rights, you must contact the Data Processing Manager at theCentro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l., with registered office in Pistoia – Via A. Cammelli n. 25, VAT number 01771010475, registration number in the Register of Companies of the Chamber of Commerce of Pistoia: REA PT178139.
The data controller is Centro Orafo Pistoiese S.r.l., with registered office in Pistoia – Via A. Cammelli n. 25, 51100, Pistoia.